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Native-born Israeli, Omri Jaakobovich, came to faith in Messiah while backpacking in New Zealand in 1997 after he completed his compulsory military service in the Israeli army. Watch Omri’s testimony, interviews and preaching about the importance and significance of Jewish Evangelism!

Omri’s testimony (English) by One For Israel Ministry (5.37 minutes) Omri’s testimony (Hebrew with English subtitles) by One for Israel Ministry (9.28 minutes)
Omri’s testimony (English) by Israel, Islam and End Times (10.41 minutes) Omri’s testimony (Hebrew with no subtitles) by weareisrael (6.42 minutes)
Interview with Daniel Secomb
(for Israel, Islam and End Times, 30/01/2016)
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Ma Nishma (for RadioIsrael.nl 14/10/2015; Time: 57:59)
Word gastgezin voor een Israeli (for EO Radio 5, 15/10/2015; Time: 20:14)