Foundational Documents

  1. Background

Each year, thousands of young Israelis, after completing their compulsory army service, leave Israel and travel around the world. Between March 1999 and March 2002 over eighteen thousand of them visited NZ. These young Israelis are looking for freedom and relaxation after the rigours of army life. Many of them search for love, truth and spiritual fulfillment through drugs, sex, yoga, meditation, Eastern philosophies, etc.


The prophet Isaiah says: “Indeed the Lord has proclaimed to the end of the earth: ‘Say to the daughter of Zion ‘Surely your salvation is coming’.”  – Isaiah 62:11. Inspired by God’s word, TEOTE was formed in order to bring true born-again believers into contact with Israelis who come to NZ. The aim is to bless them, sow seeds of God’s love into their lives, and (if they are open and willing) to share the good news of Yeshua the Messiah with them.


  1. Mission Statement
    • To reach travelling Israelis with the good news of Yeshua the Messiah.
    • To teach believers what the scriptures declare concerning Israel and her place and purpose in God’s dealings with mankind.
    • To encourage and equip believers with the knowledge and skills to effectively reach Israelis.
    • To draw the attention of the Messianic body in Israel to the great mission field that exists among unbelieving Israelis while they are outside Israel.
    • To challenge, disciple, encourage, and equip Israeli believers and others for this mission field.


  1. Organisation Structure
    • TEOTE is a charitable organisation run by board of directors, who identify with and support the vision of TEOTE and ensure the aims and responsibilities of the ministry are carried out.


  1. TEOTE and Messianic/Christian Organisations
    • TEOTE, even though operating from NZ, sees itself as an extension of the Messianic body in Israel. TEOTE will look for ways to work closely with the Israeli NEC (National Evangelism Committee) to reach Israelis while they travel.
    • TEOTE will look for ways to co-operate with selected Messianic/Christian organisations (especially with similar outreaches to Israeli travellers) that are pursuing similar goals and agree on basic foundational issues.


  1. Partners in Ministry
    • TEOTE welcomes ministry partners who identify and support this ministry and who, by signing a declaration:


  • Agree to the mission, principles and precepts contained in this Foundational Document and to comply with TEOTE guidelines issued from time to time.
  • Substantially agree with the Statement of Faith (Appendix).
  • Agree to be sensitive and use common sense when sharing your faith with Israelis.
  • Agree not to harass, badger, annoy or lecture Israelis with religious issues if they are clearly not interested to hear your views.
    • TEOTE reserves the right to discharge any ministry partner who:
  • breaches the aforementioned declaration. (Clause 5.1)
  • acts in a way that is deemed to be detrimental to the aims and spirit of the trust
  • would bring the trust into disrepute
    • Ministry partners are strongly encouraged to participate in the ministry by way of:
  • Actively fulfilling this ministry by hosting Israeli travellers through TEOTE‘s avenues of contact with Israelis.
  • Prayer support.
  • Promotion of the ministry in their sphere of influence (church/community etc.)
    • Ministry partners are welcome to contribute financially to the trust of TEOTE. (Clause 6)
    • Ministry partners will receive TEOTE newsletters and can participate in more frequent communication through the TEOTE email group.
    • Ministry partners are encouraged to submit suggestions regarding the ministry to the board for consideration.
    • TOETE will send educational material to ministry partners from time to time. This will include a set of biblical precepts, tips and guidelines for witnessing to Israeli travellers.


  1. Financial
    • TEOTE will give opportunity for those who would like to bless the ministry financially by:
  • Giving its bank account details.
  • Receiving free-will offerings at seminars, speaking engagements, home groups etc.
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  • TEOTE will give receipts for donations if requested. However, TEOTE believes that Yeshua has given us the correct biblical way for financial giving. Based on Matthew 6: 1-4, TEOTE encourages those who would like to contribute financially to the ministry to do so by a direct deposit to TEOTE’s bank account.