Frequently Asked Questions



How do TEOTE ministry partners come in contact with Israeli travelers?
TEOTE ministry partners, by being listed as hosting and service providers on the online HIT international travel directory, are contacted by Israeli travelers.

Who is HIT international?
HIT international is a company that operates an exclusive travel club for Israeli travelers. It provides various services that are targeted at these travelers. Some of the services are: private hosting and discounted commercial accommodation, tourist ventures (sightseeing, tours etc) and services (rental cars etc.), restaurants and car repairs; contact details of synagogues, Israeli dance groups and various Jewish interests such as feast / festival venues and even casual job opportunities. All these are listed on the online HIT international travel directory, which Israeli travelers can join.

What is our relationship with HIT international?

TEOTE has negotiated with HIT-NZ Ltd to provide suitable hosting accommodation for its travel club members. If you are a provider, you can become a HIT-NZ Club Member and take advantage of the accommodation and discounted services listed in the HIT-NZ Ltd travel directory. Ministry partners within hosting categories R, B, S, J will only work with TEOTE ministry. Ministry partners within categories D, O, W will also work with HIT-NZ Ltd.


  1. Is TEOTE the only organisation providing hosting and services to HIT-NZ Ltd?

No. HIT-NZ Ltd uses various Chistian and Jewish organisations and individuals to provide hosting accommodation. Some secular organisations provide travel and tourist services.


  1. Can TEOTE function without using a commercial operation such as HIT-NZ Ltd?

The primary mission of TEOTE is to reach Israeli travellers with the Gospel. HIT-NZ Ltd provides a “neutral” vehicle through which TEOTE ministry partners can fulfil this mission. If TEOTE contacted Israelis direct, it would be exposed to critical attacks from anti-missionary Jewish organisations. Israeli travellers would not only be wary of, but would be reluctant to accept accommodation from, a purely missionary organisation.


  1. Is HIT-NZ Ltd making money from my hosting?

No! HIT-NZ Ltd has given TEOTE ministry partners the opportunity to list in the travel directory so they can come into contact with Israeli travellers. The ministry opportunities that come to you through HIT-NZ Ltd are priceless!


  1. Can I share TEOTE operational information with my Israeli/Jewish guests and friends?

No! Although we have a ministry to Israelis, we do not introduce ourselves as such. If Israelis know that our prime mission is to bring them to Yeshua, they will shut themselves off completely. Therefore sharing such information with them would not be wise.




  1. Can I discuss religious issues with Israelis?

TEOTE’s mission is to bless Israeli guests, sow seeds of God’s love into their lives, and (if they are open and willing) to share the good news of Yeshua the Messiah with them. When sharing your faith, we ask you to be sensitive and NOT to harass, badger, annoy or lecture your Israeli guests with religious issues if they are not interested to hear your views. In our agreement with HIT-NZ Ltd, TEOTE has undertaken not to talk to HIT-NZ club members on religious issues against their will.


  1. What do I have to provide as a host?

All you have to provide is a bed or tent space. Meals, laundry, transport etc. are optional extras at your discretion. You may charge a maximum $5 per person per night to cover overheads. If yours is a commercial operation please offer the best discount possible.


  1. I have run out of beds – can I ask a friend to host?

HIT-NZ Ltd is mindful of security/safety issues for both travellers and hosts, and has set standards for TEOTE hosting through the travel directory. Therefore hosts should not refer HIT-NZ club members to any private accommodation not registered in the HIT-NZ travel directory.  If you run out of beds, you should contact the local HIT-NZ agent who has a list of registered “backup” hosts.  Why not suggest that your friend register as a “backup” host?




  1. Why does HIT-NZ Ltd issue club membership cards to their Israeli travellers?

Because HIT-NZ Ltd is an exclusive travel club for Israelis, the card identifies the holder as a bona-fide Israeli traveller. It protects HIT-NZ Ltd from claims that the company is discriminating against other ethnic and religious groups and provides a security mechanism for hosts. The card allows the club member to take advantage of any of the hosting and discounted commercial accommodation. No tourist operator will give a discount without seeing a club membership card.


  1. Can I host Israelis without club membership cards?

If you meet Israelis other than through the travel directory of HIT-NZ Ltd, you are free to do as you wish. However, if Israelis contact you through the travel directory, you should not host any without a club membership card, as this would break our agreement with HIT-NZ LTD and jeopardise our future hosting arrangements.  In such cases, we ask you to direct them to the local HIT-NZ agent so they can become travel club members.


  1. Do I keep a record of my guests?

Yes, this information is required for future planning of the network, services and security issues. A form will be provided to make this easy for you.


  1. What if I am no longer able to host?

If you are no longer able to host, please advise us in writing. You can still remain a ministry partner of TEOTE.


  1. What ministry and hosting help can I expect from TEOTE?

TEOTE will regularly issue information, guidelines and tips to help you carry out your ministry and hosting functions. A wide range of Messianic Hebrew language books (incl. the New Testament) can be made available to you for your guests if they are interested.  Ministry partners will be informed of any visiting speaker, conference, church meeting or home group that is endorsed by TEOTE and held in their area.


  1. Is there a forum for feedback and questions?

Yes! TEOTE welcomes feedback, questions and suggestions from ministry partners so that both you and the ministry can be encouraged, adjusted and built up to the glory of God.





  1. What security measures are in place for hosts?
  2. Each HIT-NZ Ltd club membership card has a photo ID, card number and expiry date. A list of card numbers of undesirable Israelis, or Israelis who have been struck off the club membership will be distributed to the hosting network. By checking the card number, you can establish if a security risk is present before committing to provide a bed. Israelis who pose a security threat should NOT be hosted.
  3. You have the right to refuse or evict any HIT-NZ club member guest without explanation.
  4. To safeguard other hosts you should advise TEOTE of the card number of any guest who is guilty of unacceptable conduct. This card number will then be distributed to all the hosts.
  5. The HIT-NZ travel club directory gives the travellers guidelines for behaviour in hosts’ homes.


  1. Do I have to check membership cards before hosting Israelis?

Yes. TEOTE has agreed to host only those Israeli travellers who have valid HIT-NZ Ltd membership cards. Cards are to be checked on arrival. Non-cardholders and those with card numbers that are identified as “undesirable” should be refused accommodation. Non-cardholders should be encouraged to contact the local HIT-NZ Ltd agent. This prevents abuse of the system, and gives you a degree of security.


  1. How effective are the security measures?

The security measures are designed to give you a degree of safety and peace of mind but cannot promise 100% security. This means that all hosts will enjoy better security if everyone checks the validity of the club membership card and carries out the other security measures. You have a responsibility to protect your fellow hosts. Neglecting these simple procedures may compromise your safety and the safety of others.


  1. Does travel club membership give security to the Israeli traveller?

When Israeli travellers join the HIT-NZ Ltd travel club, they can be confident that hosts comply with certain standards and are therefore endorsed by HIT-NZ Ltd.  Israeli travel club members can also inform HIT-NZ Ltd of any grievances they may have with any ministry partner listed in the travel directory.



  1. Does TEOTE or HIT-NZ Ltd accept any liability?
TEOTE Ministry, PO Box 34 607, Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand. Tel. 09-480 5797 (Paul) or 021-544 960 (Jeff)

Email: ministry@teote.org  Web: www.teote.org   Bank Account: 02 0386 0093421 00 or Cheques payable to “TEOTE”

TEOTE and HIT-NZ Ltd shall be exempt from liability, claims or responsibility for any theft, damage or other losses (consequential or otherwise) as a result of hosting Israeli guests. We advise you to check with your insurance provider regarding hosting arrangements.