Terms and Conditions for TEOTE Private Hosting Providers


  1. Rights


  • Hosts are not obliged to provide their Club Member guests with anything other than a bed. (Hosts who wish to provide other services such as meals, laundry, transport, tours, Internet, etc. are obviously free to do so).


  • Hosts have the right to refuse or evict any Club Member without the need to give any explanation to either the Club Member or TEOTE.


  • Hosts are welcome (and encouraged) to provide feedback and suggestions to TEOTE, regarding any aspect of the network operation.


  • Hosts are free (and encouraged) to enjoy all the benefits of the HIT-NZ Travel Club.



  1. Requirements


  • Hosts agree to make accommodation available to Club Members, whenever possible, within their hosting/accommodation category.


  • Hosts are asked to give as much information as they feel comfortable with about themselves and their hosting arrangements for publication in the HIT-NZ directory. (Refer “HIT-NZ Private Hosting Provider application form”.)


  • Hosts agree to ask for the Club Membership Card number of their guests at their initial contact and to check the Card’s validity when their guests arrive. If the membership number appears on the discharged members’ list then that club member should be refused accommodation. (see Clause 3.3) Non cardholders should be refused accommodation and be directed to the local HIT-NZ Ltd’s agent to purchase a Club Membership Card.


  • Hosts agree not to direct Club Members to any private accommodation not registered in the HIT-NZ Ltd hosting directory. (This is for the security of our Club Members.) If you have any family or friends who would like to host Club Members from time to time, please refer them to HIT-NZ Ltd.


  • Hosts agree not to talk to their Club Member guests on religious issues against their guest’s will.


  • Hosts agree not to talk to their Israeli visitors on the policies and operation of TEOTE and HIT-NZ Ltd, and not to speak on behalf of these organisations to any person or communication network.


  • Hosts agree to report to TEOTE any offensive conduct by a Club Member so that the offender’s Card Membership number can be passed on to other hosts throughout the network. (see Clause 3.3)


  • Hosts agree to send to HIT-NZ Ltd, the “Hosting Report Form” that records the name, membership number, length of stay and other details of each Club Member guest. (HIT-NZ Ltd will supply hosts with these forms).


  • Hosts agree to co-operate with the directives and operational procedures of TEOTE.



  1. HIT-NZ Ltd (“the company”)


  • The company will look for ways to work together with any individual or organisation that endorses the company’s aims.


  • The company will give TEOTE hosts a “green light” to ask undesirable Club Members to leave their home.


  • The company reserves the right to discharge from membership undesirable Club Members who abuse their hosts’ hospitality. The company will issue to hosts a list of membership numbers belonging to members deemed to be undesirable and/or have been discharged.


  • The company reserves the right to discharge from the travel directory, any host who does not comply with the rules and guidelines; or any host or provider that brings TEOTE or HIT-NZ Ltd into disrepute or whose conduct is deemed to be detrimental to the operation and activities of TEOTE and HIT-NZ Ltd.


  • The company will be open to receive suggestions from hosts regarding the hosting activities of HIT-NZ Ltd, bearing in mind HIT-NZ Ltd is a private company.


  • The company and TEOTE shall be exempt from liability, claims or responsibility for any theft, damage or other losses (consequential or otherwise) as a result of hosting Club Members.