TOETE Membership Rules

Appendix II

TOETE Membership Rules


TOETE require all members to comply with:


  1. Rules and guidelines issued by TEOTE from time to time.

This will include a set of biblical precepts, tips and guidelines for witnessing to the Israeli travellers.


  1. The following basic rules:
  2. To agree with the TEOTE Mission Statement and to largely agree with TEOTE Statement of Faith.


  1. To be willing to contact Israelis as a service (ministry) unto the Lord.


  1. To acknowledge that you are one part of a sizeable evangelistic network, and are willing to be guided by TEOTE as to how you should conduct yourself with Israelis. (Members are expected to seek guidance in these matters from TEOTE first rather than other Christian or Messianic groups.)


  1. To relate to Israelis in a unique manner and therefore:
  • agree NOT to harass, badger or lecture Israelis with religious issues.
  • recognise the need for sensitivity and common-sense.
  • respect the right of Israelis to be left alone if they clearly do not want to hear your views.
  • know you are accountable before God.


  1. NEVER to withhold any information from any Israeli who shows an interest and asks about your faith or would like to know more about the gospel.


  1. To receive information from TEOTE on how to witness to Israelis and wherever possible, to attend home groups, seminars etc. on that issue, arranged or supported by TEOTE if held in your town or area.